TPG Select Services

Someone to Lean On

TPG understands event planning teams are stretched thin and that, sometimes, you need help in a specific area. Enter TPG Select Services. We’d like to highlight two areas where TPG can easily jump in and do the heavy lifting for you.


Registration & Air Customer Service

TPG’s in-house registration teams offers high-touch, high-quality customer service. We understand that the registration and air ticketing process sets the tone for your event, and our responsive, well-seasoned agents take their time in answering your participants’ questions and fulfilling individual air and housing requests. Additionally, our team follows a rigorous quality control process for each attendee type, and we ensure that all data is accurate and up to date. Online reports are available to our clients 24/7, and we also schedule and send reporting updates.


Strategic Sourcing & Contract Negotiation

If you need help with hotel sourcing, contracting, and maximizing your cost savings, TPG’s Strategic Sourcing & Planning (SSP) team can help. With our seasoned team of subject matter experts, we will uncover the perfect hotel in the perfect location. Armed with strategic partnerships and strong buying power, we take the time to gather accurate specs and anticipated spend as we believe suppliers work harder for your business once they see the value of your program. At TPG, we extend the bidding process until we procure the best deal, one that maximizes your spend while minimizing your exposure.