Strategy Development
& Consulting

Rounding-out Your Event Eco-System

TPG can help you develop an incentives, meetings and events strategy and a strategic roadmap that will achieve your business goals and set the groundwork for growth to happen. Drawing from our years of experience and insights, we bring creative ideas to the table and combine them with relevant, results-oriented actions and value-add programs so you can meet your business goals and objectives.


Many of our clients know they want to have a meeting, event, or incentive, but the challenge they face is they lack experience in developing a sound strategy for their program. This can run the risk of racking up considerable time, effort, and expense in the planning and operating of the event with the potential for limited or no return on your strategic objectives.


You’ll want TPG at your planning table because we’ll have your priorities top of mind. We’ll save you time, effort and money so you can create and implement a strategy of proven processes the minimizes your risk. We’ll help you craft an events strategy and roadmap that spans multiple years and events to achieve your broader business goals.


Getting Started with Event Strategy Development

Starting with our initial collaboration, TPG works within a structured framework and methodology to identify your needs. We hold discussions and activities to identify the right strategy and types of events to hit your objectives. We layer your organizational capabilities with creativity to produce an innovative program strategy that drive results for your desired outcomes and business performance goals.


Our Strategy Development Model

TPG uses a Strategic Development Model designed to develop and deliver clear strategic intent defining the overall purpose and plans for the business, both short and long term. This plan, outlined in a strategic roadmap and delivered through a series of workshops, will identify and define the project objectives, milestones, and metrics required to gauge and report progress and results.


Elements In Our Strategic Model:
  • Outline of your primary & secondary goals, objectives, and desired outcomes
  • Identify target audience and desired changes in behavior
  • Research & Discovery Workshops
  • Interviews developing executive & attendee analysis
  • Market research & deep location reviews
  • Define metrics & develop reporting
  • Team & organizational structure with communication plans
  • Event identity & messaging recommendations
  • Strategy roadmap development
  • Plan & timeline to operationalize
  • Post event review and analysis