TPG‘s Web Registration

Technology To Enable & Empower

TPG’s overriding philosophy is that technology should make things quick and easy. You need best-in-class technology, and we have best-in-class solution providers. TPG enables you through integrated end-to-end solutions personalized to meet your needs through all phases of the event lifecycle.


TPG offers our clients a web registration solution for events that includes registration, web build, email communication, contact management, payment collection, and data analysis. This robust and intuitive solution, which we license on behalf of our clients, combines advanced functionality with a user-friendly interface, allowing TPG to design a specialized registration process for your audience. This software saves you money by providing efficiencies and reducing handoffs.


The software’s comprehensive “one click” online reporting allows you to access data in real-time. It provides over 100 reports and has the ability to aggregate data across categories that you define. The software’s integration with Sabre ensures that your participant’s flight bookings and registration information is immediate and centralized. Finally, its integration with QuickMobile offers a strong mobile app solution for multifaceted conferences and meetings.


Key features of TPG’s web registration solution include:


  • Templates or custom look and feel for website pages.


Registration Forms
  • Intuitive registration form build process
  • Ability to handle simple to many complex registration scenarios
  • Real-time inventory on the registration form for hotel, activity and sessions
  • Allow attendees to waitlist on a session or activity based on the capacity defined
  • Secure online payment processing with highest level of PCI compliance that allows for complex tiered pricing.
  • Sabre integration which creates the shell PNR for programs without guests, and for all programs, makes for a much easier process to create arrival and departure manifests
  • Registrants are to review and update submitted registration
  • Attendee communications are handled within the platform, including emails, confirmation, etc.
  • Simple name badge creation
  • QR code generation
  • Simple program surveys handled within the platform
  • Centralized data


Integrated Solutions
  • Onsite check-in and on-demand badge printing with Capture Technologies.
  • Mobile app with DoubleDutch and QuickMobile


Online Reporting
  • Real-time, online 24/7 reporting
  • Over 100 standard reports (additional features, save, create custom, client portal)
  • Create unlimited custom reports, filtering by contact data, event date, classifications or other criteria
  • Measure data and metrics across all events with cross-event reports
  • Park reports on branded web pages to easily view relevant event data in real time
  • Export reports in multiple formats: Excel, PDF, CSV, etc.