Event Planning Process

The Attendee Journey

TPG’s event planning mojo comes from our hyper-focus on the full attendee journey, start to finish.


Reverse-Engineered Event Planning

TPG will collaborate with you, early and often, to understand your employee culture and event objectives and to define the scope of the attendee experience you’re trying to create. From on-point destination and hotel choice to a hospitable registration experience to small, personalized touchpoints throughout the event to immersive dining experiences, every aspect of the attendee journey is a reflection of your event stakeholders’ objectives and your brand.


Our Planning Cycle

The success of your event doesn’t come down to one thing. It’s determined by a seamless integration across three key stages in our planning cycle: pre-event planning, on-site execution, and post-event evaluation. To get it right, creativity and discipline is required as we manage through all stages of the planning process. We dig into the details. Whether we start by helping you develop a strategy or focus specifically on designing a single event, we do it by asking the right questions that get us to your required outcomes.


High-Touch Technology

Technology is a pivotal part of the event planning lifecycle and overall attendee journey, especially with meetings and conferences. The pre-event experience begins with a customized, branded website and well-timed, tightly-themed email marketing campaign. A fully customized mobile app can encourage pre-event networking; onsite, mobile apps personalize the attendee journey through push notifications, customized agendas, and information sharing. Mobile apps foster onsite event participation through live interaction, polling/ratings, gamification, and lead-generation. Post-event surveys and captured onsite polling data can put solid metrics around overall event ROI — an important part of the event lifecycle and improvement of the attendee journey year-over-year. Finally, online communities formed onsite can be kept alive, extending the event influence and positive attendee journey long after departure day.