The TPG Difference

The Road Less Traveled

Event strategy is a balancing act. Take the classic balance: brand‑new versus tried‑and‑true. Nothing excites an audience like a truly new venue, concept and agenda. But nothing keeps event planners up at night like the truly unprecedented. The safer and far more restful option is to follow the tried‑and‑true of what’s been done before. The TPG difference is — you can have it both ways.


Think layers. The top layer is your brand new and defines the audience experience, and it must be springtime fresh. Think of a safari through South Africa, an exclusive white party at Ephesus in Greece with the Four Tenors serenading your audience or a cross country road rally that literally moves your audience and creates a community of fans and followers. Your next event can be similarly one-of-a-kind.


But rest assured. One layer down, where your participants won’t notice the mechanics, lies the tried and true workflow, reporting and technology infrastructure necessary to succeed on time, on budget and on goal.


And that’s just one balancing act. Ask us how we balance…

  • Once in a lifetime expectations in spite of today’s budget realities — everyone can come away delighted.
  • Rock-bottom hotel costs in spite of a limited competitive bidding situation — our negotiators can succeed with the best techniques.
  • Registration goals surpassed in spite of scarce promotional “touch” opportunities — crossover marketing can work wonders.
  • Multi-year event planning in spite of economic and budget uncertainty — they can flexibly coexist.