Our Event Process

Where Creativity Meets Execution

The TPG event process begins with chartreuse crayons, silly putty, and sparklers for added flair. Well…not really…but we do leap outside of that proverbial box-of-boring to create the inspired meetings, incentives, and conferences that will excite and motivate your audiences in exceptional ways, helping you achieve financial and behavioral success. Because, let’s face it, every event is about increasing revenue.


From the beginning of the relationship, you’ll experience a collaborative and consultative spirit of partnership. Together, we’ll ensure that your over-arching event strategies are perfectly aligned with your business objectives and leadership goals. From the onset, we’ll work to identify the specific return on objectives you’re looking to achieve, and then we’ll measure and report the outcomes.


“Heave-Ho!” Now about TPG’s program logistics and onsite heavy-lifting…you may notice a bit of sparkler dust floating off our operations team, because, while they are task-masters at process and flawless execution, they’re never boring or lazy. The continuous creation of bubbly new ideas and nose-tingling tiny details is one of our greatest competitive differentiators.

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The TPG Difference

Event strategy is a balancing act. For instance, take the classic balance: brand-new versus tried-and-true. Nothing excites an audience like a truly new venue, concept and agenda. But nothing keeps event planners up at night like the truly unprecedented. The “safer” and far more restful option is to follow the tried-and-true of what’s been done before. But you can have it both ways, and TPG can help.

Our Event Planning Process

When the planning process begins, we’ll start with the end in mind as we design with you. The TPG model develops full event strategies, and we’ll work with you to develop and plan each event in order to meet your greater goals. With seasoned industry professionals and fresh thinking, our team combines proven processes with progressive intelligence to operationalize every detail.

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TPG Event with Maroon 5

Our Web Registration Solution

TPG enables your events with a custom web registration platform tailored to meet your needs and empower your attendees. Our web registration solution includes registration, website buildout, email communications, contact management, payment collection and data analysis. In short, our expertise coupled with our technology tools becomes your competitive advantage.