Our Team

Our People Are Our Difference

In a competitive world that commoditizes everything, we know it’s the team that makes all the difference — for you, for your attendees and for your stakeholders. Our people are some of the smartest, most creative, forward-thinking people in the events, meetings and incentives business.


Our employees have a strong tenure in our industry and with your projects. When you work with us, you get TPG’s Performance Team of professionals with high productivity and a commitment to excellence for you, our client.


TPG offers clients business maturity and the best event planning team, bar none. Our experienced and valued employees have typically been with us on average 15 years, and have deep event management and industry experience.

Smart & Strategic

Our people have a comprehensive understanding of all that’s required to connect your business culture and strategies to experiences that motivate people to achieve. We are proud to say that clients have asked how we “continue to get all the best people.” We diligently search for and hire those who have strong performance backgrounds and will live our values. We are thrilled that our annual turnover rate is extremely low — less than three percent. We also have a team of contracted freelancers who help us manage peak demand or “pop-up” short-turn business.


A Culture of Excellence

TPG has formal recognition programs that allow employees and managers to recognize their co-workers and employees. These programs serve to motivate and reward those employees who have gone above and beyond in being exemplary team players across our core values, which include dependability, leadership, customer service, responsiveness, positivity, initiative, communication, and teamwork.


Internal Training Programs

TPG provides internal training based on evolving and improving our expertise and general processes, and we offer these courses multiple times a year. All new hires go through an onboarding curriculum to ensure that TPG standards are understood and met. Job specific training is made available to ensure skills are continuously improved upon.


We Hire the Best of the Best

TPG’s philosophy of living our values includes attracting and retaining employees who embrace these values every day. Our people have an average tenure of 15 years in this industry and are seasoned, experienced, and dedicated to providing exceptional insight and service to our clients.  To be the best, you must hire the best.

“Excellent organizations don’t believe there’s an end to creating excellence – but press daily for constant improvement and innovation.”
— Debbie Parsons, President, TPG