A Great Promotional Campaign Motivates Sales

TPG Mailer

A Great Promotional Campaign Motivates Sales

Investing upfront in tried-and-true marketing strategies to generate excitement around sales incentive trips is a winning idea. By working with an event planning company that understands the importance of developing  a great promotional campaign, you can drive desired behavior and get bigger results.

Creating Enthusiasm

In order to deliver those results, first we must create enthusiasm around an incentive trip and make a big impact. TPG suggests announcing an incentive trip destination at the end of a Sales Kickoff when leaders have a captive audience who fully understands their yearly goals. It’s just human nature…people get energized and competitive around their comrades, so let that be part of the overall strategy. After the incentive trip announcement, leaders need proven ways to keep the excitement going and sales goals top of mind. This is where TPG comes in to launch an engaging promotional campaign, ideally immediately after the Sales Kickoff program ends.

Tantalizing Visuals

At TPG, we take many things into consideration when creating a promotional campaign’s “look-and-feel.”  Most importantly, the campaign should communicate corporate values and sales objectives in a clear and concise manner. These motivational and attention-grabbing messages help increase anticipation among potential attendees and provide a tantalizing glimpse into the upcoming reward destination. Whether these attributes are developed by TPG in-house or by you, they should be highlighted from the first program teaser through to the registration website. Keep in mind, promo campaigns are designed to build and convey an ever-increasing sense of place. By the end of the campaign, sales achievers should be able to “feel the sand between their toes.”

Timing is Everything

Timing is also an important aspect of a good promotional campaign, which is why TPG drives consecutive mailers to keep the rewarding trip top-of-mind throughout the qualification period. Our aim is to motivate sales teams to reach specified performance targets in a set amount of time. It’s vital to remind potential qualifiers the wonders of, say, Grand Cayman, so that they keep pressuring themselves to “make the cut” since they don’t want to miss out on the fabulous reward.

Mail Is Our Friend

Finally, when TPG pushes a promotional campaign out the door, it’s all hands on deck as we enlist the help of several in-house employees to quality control mailer content and address labels. With larger promo mailings, TPG creates efficient assembly lines for quick and accurate packaging. Additionally, we ensure that promo mailers reach all of their global destinations on time, and we’re aware of US postal standards, customs requirements, and shipping and receiving deadlines. Also…we’re super nice to our Fed-Ex and UPS guys — and that helps a lot!